Welcome to the ClickBump CTR Plus Demo

The ads you see below are randomly rotated on each page load in order to prevent ad blindness and increase user engagement. No plugins required. ClickBump Ad Manager enables ad rotation and random ad position in one click.

This is your sticky post home page content. You can edit it at Posts > Home Page.

You can easily enable and disable options and layout settings via the ClickBump button within the WordPress admin panel. For example, to turn on/off the slider, just uncheck the option at “Layout > Slider > Enable Slider Widget
Want to change the header image? Just upload a custom header file at “Images > Header Image
Need to edit the top menu bar? Just go to “Appearance > Menus“. You can drag and drop menu items to create flyouts, or add/remove menu items. You can combine posts, pages, even categories into a single menu.

Social Media and “Share” Options

As you can see in the footer area below, CE4 is automatically enabled with social media icons. To edit these, just go to “Appearance > Widgets > Footer” and open the “Social Media Links” widget at the bottom. You can edit this widget and remove any icons you don’t use, as well as entering your custom URLs to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc).

You can also enable “social sharing” icons below each of your posts and pages at “ClickBump > Social“. This allows you to enable Facebook “Like”, Twitter Tweet and Google +1.

Five Sidebar Widget Areas!

ClickBump theme comes with five sidebar widget areas into which you can place ads, images, videos, scripts and content. In addition, it ads a handy “Widget Visibility” panel to each widget that allows you to control where it displays on the site. You can add extra content to the header, sidebar, above content, below content and footer widget areas.

The “more” button below can easily be edited to take the user to a specific page or post. You can edit this link via the content editor.

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